Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Practice is a process where both spouses and their attorneys commit themselves to resolving differences in a manner acceptable to both parties, without the threat of resorting to the court system or to any form of litigation.

Collaborative Practice relies on the commitment of the spouses and their attorneys to exercise honesty, cooperation, professionalism, and integrity in working towards the future well being of the family.

Collaborative Practice uses informal discussions and conferences attended by spouses and their attorneys to settle all issues. Major goals of the Collaborative Law process are to maximize settlement options for the benefit of both parties and children, and to minimize or eliminate the negative economic, social and emotional consequences of litigation.

Collaborative Practice enlists attorneys to help spouses arrive at a fully informed agreement, with confidence that relevant legal issues and ramifications have been explored and addressed.

When I work as a Divorce Coach for the Collaborative Divorce Process, my function is to assist you with the emotional issues that may be keeping you from reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. My intention is to provide awareness that removes blocks to creating good agreements for your family.

When I work in the role of a child specialist, I am a neutral person to both parents. The process includes interviewing your children with the intention of providing them a safe place to talk about their experience of the divorce. By keeping in mind their developmental needs and how children, in general, are affected by divorce, I will suggest to you and the professional members of the team what factors are important to consider as you and your coaches create a parenting plan. 

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Please read and complete the following documents to prepare for your first collaborative session: